What Makes YETI Built for the Wild?

YETI Coolers are built to be indestructible and keep ice for days. Built for going toe-to-toe with hungry grizzlies. Built for the prepared. Built for better Monday morning water cooler talk. Built for the long haul. Built for the wild. But what makes them built for the wild?

YETIs are built with one-piece, seamless construction - just like white water kayaks - to take all kinds of abuse. So you can stand on it, sit on it, drop it and kick it* and never worry about it falling apart at the seams. YETI not responsible for broken toes.


Our heavy-duty rubber latches are made with patent-pending technology (that doesn't protrude from the cooler) to keep them from falling off or breaking. There's nothing worse on a fishing trip than a cooper with a busted latch. So we made that impossible.


Busted hinges are an unnecessary evil. YETI uses a full-length, rustproof aluminum rod and a unique interlocking design to connect the lid to the body. Plus, a molded-in hinge-stops prevent the hinge from ever breaking. Your days of lid-separation anxiety are over.


YETI Coolers use up to three inches of pressure-injected commercial grade polyurethane foam in the walls and lid to make sure your ice stays ice. So whether you're using regular ice or dry ice, your drinks will stay colder, longer but your risk of frostbite will increase. Sorry fingers.


YETI's don't just close, they seal. Our full-frame, freezer-quality gasket circles the length of the lid to lock heat out and seal cold air in. So even on the hottest days, your drinks stay frosty.


Thicker walls mean more room for insulation. YETI's FatWall design gives you up to two inches of PermaFrost insulation in the body for unmatched ice retention and dry ice compatibility. If it ain't cold, your ice is broken.


How do you make tough, unbreakable handles? Seamlessly mold them into the body of the cooler. YETI's recessed LipGrip Handles are designed to stay out of the way and make transporting 60-pounds of deer meat seem like less of a chore.


To keep your YETI from ending up in the water, we've molded multi-purpose tie-down slots into the body for easy mounting to your boat, trailer or truck bed. A secured YETI makes for a secure YETI owner.


YETI's are packed full of other crucial features to help you out in the wild. From easy draining to rubber feet that prevent sliding - you can rest assured that we've thought of everything you'll need and then some.


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