Pass the gravy, said no retail employee. Ever.

Omega Sports Thanksgiving 2015 Press Release regarding Thanksgiving closure

Retail store owners and upper management are under increasing pressure to meet sales goals. Year after year, one way to accomplish a big sales gain is to open on Thanksgiving, a day that most retail store owners/management used to value as a sacred day that employees spent with their families, the calm before the pending storm of “Black” Friday. In recent years, many big box stores proudly proclaimed they would be opening on Thanksgiving night, giving shoppers a chance to shop with full bellies. However, to make that late night Thanksgiving opening possible, store employees needed to work all Thanksgiving day, beginning in the morning, to get their stores ready for the tidal wave of the early impending madness.

Omega Sports, a North Carolina owned sporting goods chain, has the same sales challenges as bigger box stores with one exception; we are privately owned by three very nice guys, Thom Rock, Phil Bowman and Robert Hager who value family ahead of goals set at the expense of family. For this reason, Omega Sports is proud to announce their decision to remain closed this Thanksgiving holiday.

“If we cannot meet our company goals without opening on Thanksgiving, that’s a problem that will not be solved by opening on one holiday,” said Thom Rock. “We want our employees to enjoy this important holiday with their families. They do not need to spend Thanksgiving worrying about meeting sales projections,” said Phil Bowman. “We announced the closure at our annual Manager’s Meeting and it was met with a big round of applause. Our staff appreciate this gift of time with their families. It means a lot to them,” said Robert Hager. “In my 26 years working for Omega Sports, I’ve seen the increased pressure to open our store(s) for Thanksgiving but I’m thankful that Omega Sports’ owners care more about me and my time with my family than dollars in their pockets,” Rick Cranford, Omega Sports’ High Point Store Manager.

In many ways, Omega Sports employees are a family of its own. Internally, we joke about “Uncle Phil” visiting your office to press you about Nike deliveries or Mr. Rock calling your store to ask you if your sign has been lit at night. As I, Omega Sports’ Marketing Manager, write this press release, I remember when my mom passed away, that all of our upper management came to the memorial service. Every single one of them hugged my neck, as the expression goes, and offered their sympathies.

It’s not often, people get to work for a company they are proud to work for. Omega Sports’ employees are very proud to work for the “good guys.” As you make your shopping plans during this upcoming holiday time, we hope you will spend your hard earned money in places that value family ahead of their own pocketbooks.

#omegacares is a hashtag we hope you will use and follow to keep the conversation going about how Omega Sports cares for their employees and their customers.

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